• CA-30/CA-60 Scientific-Research Grade Thermal Analyzer

    CA-30/CA-60 Scientific-Research Grade Thermal Analyzer

    ◎Online continuous temperature measurement;

    ◎Up to 640×512 high-definition thermal imaging;

    ◎Temperature Measuring Range: -20℃~550℃;

    ◎25um target objects can be observed with macro-lens;

    ◎CA software records and analyzes full radiometric thermal video files with temperature data

    ◎Different emission rates are set for multiple areas;

    ◎Syncronize 3 curves: temperature, voltage and current;

    ◎Type C connection to computer with scientific research analysis software;






  • H2FB Mobile Thermal Camera

    H2FB Mobile Thermal Camera

    ◎Plug and play for easy operation

    ◎Small and light weight less than 20g

    ◎Support high temperature and customized temperature alarm threshold

    ◎Central point, high and low temperature tracking

    ◎Point, line, polygon and other temperature measuring methods

    ◎Low power consumption, without power loss of the mobile phone

    ◎Type-C connection plus exclusive Adroid App



  • DyMN series mini thermal imaging module

    DyMN series mini thermal imaging module

    ◎ Small and compact design

    ◎ Ultra low power consumption

    ◎ Output high quality image

    ◎ Adopt FPC connection, easy to integrate 2-speed temperature measurement

    ◎ Providing rich expansion interfaces

  • TM-384 Thermal Imaging Monocular

    TM-384 Thermal Imaging Monocular

    ◎ Rugged design with IP65 waterproofing

    ◎ Rechargeable li-ion battery to ensure long time continuous use

    ◎ Multiple color palettes to highlight the target

    ◎ 8X zoom enable observe targets from long distances for fast location

    ◎ RoHS, CE and FCC approved excellent performance

  • GS Series Thermal Imaging Riflescope

    GS Series Thermal Imaging Riflescope

    ◎Detachable battery, easy to replace, suitable for outdoor use

    ◎Adaptive AGC/DDE image technology

    ◎0.39-inch OLED display with 1024*768 resolution

    ◎Built-in EMMC memory chip for photo storage

    ◎Waterproof grade IP67

    ◎2 different shock mounts to meet the use of different guns

    ◎A variety of models with different functions

    ◎Support optional laser range finder




  • Normal Temperature Scale TS-44

    Normal Temperature Scale TS-44

    This is an optional accessory for TA series

    As a product provided by Dianyang Technology, Normal temperature scale TS-44 is able to provide standard and accurate temperature value, and can be used together with TA Series Integrated Thermal Analyzer for it to calibrate the temperature accuracy under a high gain of (-10℃ – 120℃). With a factory standard temperature value of 50℃, the temperature scale is able to detect whether there is any deviation in the temperature measurement results of TA Thermal Analyzer, or be used in the real-time temperature calibration by TA Thermal Analyzer to ensure that its temperature deviation is not greater than ±0.5℃.

  • Human Blackbody B03

    Human Blackbody B03

    This is an optional accessory for TA series

    Human Blackbody B03 is a micro blackbody specially used for human body temperature measurement, with its simple interfaces. The product can be used in temperature curing mode after the temperature is set in the computer. As a small and light device, it can be used at a fixed temperature after setting. Standard tripod mounting holes are adopted for the blackbody.

  • Simulation experiment box

    Simulation experiment box

    This is an optional accessory for TA series

    The simulation experiment box is mainly used for the thermal design in the auxiliary circuit design. Its acrylic high light transmission shell ensures impermeability on one hand, through which you can view the placement of the circuit board on the other hand. Through the thermal imaging observation window, the overall thermal image and corresponding temperature of the circuit board can be observed.

  • Temperature sensor

    Temperature sensor

    This is an optional accessory for TA series

    It is a plug-and-play temperature sensor that can detect the internal space temperature of the simulation experiment box. With Dianyang’s integrated thermal analyzer, you can collect the temperature of the sensor for storage and analysis.

  • Standard atomizer fixture

    Standard atomizer fixture

    This is an optional accessory for TA series

    It is suitable for the simplest atomizer test. A user may configure the power supply, or connect his/her own chopped wave power board to the fixture for testing.

  • Integrated atomizer collector

    Integrated atomizer collector

    This is an optional accessory for TA series

    The integrated collector is used in the major links of atomizer products, such as R&D and production, to collect the product test data that can not be quantified, including the duration of oral inhalation, the number of oral inhalation, the intensity of oral inhalation and the corresponding atomization temperature. After storage and analysis by the integrated thermal analyzer, it can help develop standard R&D and production requirements, thereby greatly improving product quality.

  • External screen

    External screen

    This is an optional accessory for  thermal monocular

    The infrared thermal imaging night vision device has an external display handheld screen, supports analog signals, supports multi-angle rotation and folding, and provides HDMI interface. Movable cross electronic ruler; Support reverse charging, two replaceable 18650 high-capacity lithium batteries; Charging and video at the same time; Support power display;

    It is a external screen for thermal imaging handheld device that provide HDMI interface.

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