• Thermal Camera Analyzers CA Pro Series

    Thermal Camera Analyzers CA Pro Series

    ◎ Online continuous temperature monitoring;

    ◎ Ingenious design for scientific research, hardware, thermal management;

    ◎ Type C connection to computer with professional analysis software;

    ◎ Up to 640×512 high-definition thermal imaging;

    ◎ Support macro lens to detect 50um small target;

    ◎ Wide temperature measurement range -10~550C;

    ◎ Syncronize 3 curves: temperature, voltage and current;

  • Infrared Thermal Analyzer CA-10

    Infrared Thermal Analyzer CA-10

    CA-10 Infrared thermal analyzer is a special equipment used for circuit board’s thermal field detectionIn the era of rapid development of science and technology, intelligent devices are getting more and more popular, meantime, they are incline to require lower power