• Infrared Thermal Camera Analyzers CA Pro Series

    Infrared Thermal Camera Analyzers CA Pro Series

    • CA Pro Series Integrated Thermal Analyzer is able to detect and measure the data of an object’s temperature changing with time based on the principle of infrared detection and imaging, and store and analyze the reliability of the measurement results without time limit.
    • It is mainly applied in the location, detection and maintenance of PCBA leakage, short circuit and open circuit; the evaluation and comparison of mobile phones or other smart devices; auxiliary analysis of electronic equipment performance; temperature control of electronic atomizer; temperature conduction analysis of heat conducting and radiating materials; uniformity analysis of materials; heating experiment, thermal simulation and verification of heating rationality in circuit design; and thermal design data analysis, etc.



  • Infrared Thermal Analyzer CA-10

    Infrared Thermal Analyzer CA-10

    CA-10 Infrared thermal analyzer is a special equipment used for circuit board’s thermal field detectionIn the era of rapid development of science and technology, intelligent devices are getting more and more popular, meantime, they are incline to require lower power