• CA-20 Online Thermal Camera Analyzer

    CA-20 Online Thermal Camera Analyzer

    ◎ Real-time nonstop temperature monitoring

    ◎ Benchtop design specially for electronics repairing and thermal management

    ◎ Eash operation with a USB cable connect to PC

    ◎ Equipped 260×200 resolution to output vivid thermal imaging

    ◎ Quick response with 25 Hz refresh rate

    ◎ Wide temperature measurement range -10~550C;

    ◎ Support extra experimental box with temperature sensor



  • CA-09D Thermal Analyzer

    CA-09D Thermal Analyzer

    ◎ Quickly check the location of leakage and short circuit with one click

    ◎ Fixed focus, easy to use

    ◎ Can be connected to mobile APP or PC for analysis

    ◎ 3D thermal field analysis

    ◎ Ultra-high temperature detection range -15℃~600℃

    ◎ Can support macro magnification lens to enlarge partial display

    ◎ Foldable rack, like a book, easy to carry

    ◎ Compatible with standard analysis software and professional analysis software

  • CA-60 Scientific-Research Grade Thermal Analyzer

    CA-60 Scientific-Research Grade Thermal Analyzer

    ◎Nonstop real-time temperature measurement

    ◎Outfitted 640×512 strong infrared detector

    ◎Easy operation by connect USB cable to computer 

    ◎Wide temperature measuring range -20℃~550℃

    ◎Available to study minimum 20um target objects  with macro-lens

    ◎Powerful software enable full radiometric thermal video files with temperature data

    ◎Support to syncronize curves of temperature, voltage and current simultaneously