Thermal Camera Analyzer CA Pro Series


◎ Online continuous temperature monitoring;

◎ Ingenious design for scientific research, hardware, thermal management;

◎ Type C connection to computer with professional analysis software;

◎ Up to 640×512 high-definition thermal imaging;

◎ Support macro lens to detect 50um small target;

◎ Wide temperature measurement range -10~550C;

◎ Syncronize 3 curves: temperature, voltage and current;


Product Details





CA Pro Series Thermal camera Analyzer, upgraded from CA-10 with refined structure, advanced analysis software and higher sensor resolution,it's able to detect and measure the data of object's temperature changing with time based on the principle of infrared detection and imaging, store and analyze the reliability of the measurement results without time limit.

The CA pro mainly apply to the location, detection and maintenance of PCB leakage, short circuit and open circuit; evaluation and comparison of smart electronic devices; auxiliary analysis of electronic equipment performance; temperature control of electronic atomizer; temperature conduction analysis of heat conducting and radiating materials; uniformity analysis of materials; heating experiment, thermal simulation and verification of heating rationality in circuit design; thermal design, thermal management, etc.

Analysis mode

Circuit board analysis mode

Analysis mode of E-cigarette atomizer

Multi-dimensional analysis mode

Analysis mode of material thermal capacity

Defect analysis mode

Application Scenario

Detection and analysis of heat conduction material

When the heat conduction material conducts heat, different color blocks can be set to view the distribution of heat conduction.


Analysis of the thermal design of the circuit board

When the circuit board chip heats up, users can check the components affected by the heat to adjust the layout.


Temperature control analysis of E-cigarette

Quickly tracking the heating rate and temperature of the atomizer


Thermal quality analysis of products and components

The aging degree of the tested components can be analyzed through the simultaneous comparison of the standard samples and the tested samples.


Material heat dissipation analysis

The heat dissipation of different heat dissipation materials can be analyzed through the temperature color block.


Circuit board pulse heating analysis

The thermal analyzer can quickly capture the occasional pulse heat emitted by some components on the circuit board due to failure.


Heating capacity analysis of heating materials at different voltages and currents

The heating rate, heating efficiency and heating temperature of materials such as heating wire and heating sheet at different voltages and currents can be quantitatively analyzed.


Analysis of the corresponding relationship between voltage, current and temperature

Location detection of short circuit and leakage

When repairing the circuit board, the leakage position can be located through the first, second and third high temperature points.


Various accessories available


Fixed plate of atomizer test

Fixed atomizer resistance wire E-liquid injection test. Low resistance connector.


Automatic heating test bench for atomized electronic cigarettes

Automatic inhalation stimulation. Supporting the setting of pumping experiment times.


Experiment box

Simulating the temperature conditions of the equipment in a closed environment. Infrared thermal observation window with the diameter of 4cm. Built-in temperature sensor.


Power analyzer

Load voltage and current power analyzer, which can be connected to the analyzers from the specified manufacturers  as required by customers.


Standard normal temperature reference

50℃ temperature reference for calibrating the accuracy of equipment temperature at normal temperature


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  • System parameters




    IR resolution




    Spectral range









    Frame rate


    Focus mode

    Manual focus

    Working temperature


    Measurement and analysis
    Temperature range




    Temperature measurement method

    Maximum temperature, minimum temperature and average temperature

    Temperature measurement accuracy

    ±2 or ±2% for -10℃~120℃, and ±3% for 120℃~550℃

    Measuring distance

    3~150 cm

      4~200 cm

         4~200 cm
    Temperature correction


    Emissivity correction

    Adjustable within 0.1-1.0

    Data sampling frequency

    It can be configured flexibly, such as 20FPS, 10FPS, 5FPS, 1FPS.

    Image file

    Full-temperature JPG thermogram (Radiometric-JPG)

    Video file


    Device dimension
    Single board

    220mm x 172mm, height of 241mm

    Double board

    346mm x 220mm, height of 341mm

    Data acquisition accessories (not included in standard configuration)
    Heating table

    Standard configuration of 2 oiling test holes of resistance heating wires, which can be customized


    Customized adjustment of the simulated suction degree, duration and times of the suction pump

    Data acquisition

    Recording of temperature data without time limit, including temperature change data, data corresponding to resistance heating wires and resistance values, data corresponding to simulated power supply time and temperature, and calculation of heating uniformity 





    Study and research of new materials
    Detection of short circuit and current leakage 
    Analysis of the heat dissipation rationality 
    Evaluation of the thermal conductivity and heat dissipation of materials
    Analysis of temperature control of the atomizer heating of e-cigarette
    Analysis of thermal effect of electronics components
    Analysis of heating rate of heat sinks
    Other applications: LED inspection, mould inspection, optical fiber welding, quality management…


    Instruction manual-  CA pro software

    Instruction manual- CA pro thermal analyzer


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