Infrared Thermal Analyzer CA-10


Quickly identify leakage/short circuit

Circuit design simulation verification assistance

3D thermal field distribution analysis

High temperature alarm tracking

Regional temperature line record

TYPE-C connection for computer analysis

52,000 points temperature full analysis

Fast and stable metal bracket adjustment

Freely expandable structural design

Automatic and continuous data collection without interruption


Product Details




     CA-10 Infrared thermal analyzer is a special equipment used for circuit board’s thermal field detection;In the era of rapid development of science and technology, intelligent devices are getting more and more popular, meantime, they are incline to require lower power consumption and heating, so during product’s design and development thermal design of circuit board  is quite important, thermal analyzer at the design stage can provide heat thermal simulation experiment of a large amount of data, it is an indispensable tool to the hardware design; By using thermal analyzer, it can quickly find the leakage and short circuit, further to locate the fault point, so it can meet the purpose of quick maintenance; In addition, it can test the effectiveness of some components, such as the power module and so on.

Application Scenario


Quickly locate the leakage position of the circuit board

High temperature and bright maintenance special mode, combined with circuit board schematic diagram, can quickly locate the problem


Double plate comparison, comparison records of regional temperature curves

Optimization for heat distribution, comparison and verification of fault differentiation, comparison records of regional temperature curves, overlay comparison, etc.

3D/2D thermal field distribution function

For the special mode of product evaluation and thermal distribution analysis, the innovative 3D thermal field mode is more intuitive, and the 2D thermal field area’s curve record is more detailed.


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  • Circuit board failure detection
    Circuit board thermal performance analysis
    Analysis of heat dissipation and thermal materials
    Phone repair
    Hardware debugging
    Electronics cigarette analysis


    Product specification Parameters Product specification Parameters
    Resolution 260* 200 Optimum distance for temperature measurement (30-1500)mm
    Spectral range (8-14)um Emissivity correction Adjustable within 0.1 – 1.0
    Field angle 42°* 32° Data sampling rate 5 samples per second can be set
    NETD <60mK @25℃, F#1.0 Palette 5 palettes are supported;
    Frame frequency 25Hz Image file Full-temperature thermal image of jpg format
    Focus mode Manual focusing Video file MP4
    Working temperature (-10-55)℃ Menu functions Language, temperature unit, emissivity, temperature unit, high temperature alarm, update detection, file save location, etc.
    Temperature measuring range (-10-120)℃ Device size (220 x 172 x 241)mm
    Temperature measuring accuracy ±3℃ or ±3% of the reading, whichever is greater    





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