• Handheld Thermal Camera DP-22

    Handheld Thermal Camera DP-22

    ◎ Integration of thermal imaging and visible light

    ◎ 3.5 inch full-color screen and rechargeable Li-ion battery

    ◎ Support 8 type of color palettes

    ◎ Three thermal imaging enhancement modes

    ◎ Built-in 8G SD card to store more than 50,000 photos 

    ◎ Support point, region, high and low temperature tracking  

    ◎ Wi-Fi and USB convenient connection to computer

    ◎ Three-picture in one (scene status, visible light, thermal imaging) to better restore the scene

    ◎ Providing free computer analysis software to generate report







  • DP-15 Thermal Camera

    DP-15 Thermal Camera

    ◎ Rugged and compact design

    ◎ Outfit infrared light and visible light

    ◎ Support 3D thermal analysis

    ◎Powerful AI processing capability with 25Hz refresh rate

    ◎ Multiple temperature measuring mode like Pip, blending, etc.

    ◎ Support PC connection for real-time video transmission